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• 8/14/2014

Hey guys!

Sorry I disappeared for so long, life caught up! I'll work on the wiki soon enough!
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• 8/13/2014

Suggestion Thread

Got any suggestions for the wiki? Leave them here!
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• 8/13/2014

Question Thread

Have a question about the wiki? Post it here, and I will answer it personally!
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• 8/9/2014


Could someone figure out how to use the Template:Switch feature? It requires alot jave coding or something, as well as the Toggle feature. 
What's is the Switch Template? http://onepiece.wikia.com/wiki/Monkey_D._Luffy The thing that says 'Manga | Anime'. It's used for mostly mangas that have anime adaptions.
Things it could be used for:
- Timelord Ponies.
- Ponies with different age pictures (Colt to Stallion, Filly to Mare,)
- Common Changeling forms..?
- tyr omg yes
Reasons it should be added:
- It would make a replacement for ponyinfobox's galleries (should anyone need it lol)
- Because Tyr has two forms and it would make it sooo much easier
- Because you love me derptor <3
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• 8/9/2014


How this works: In each post, the person links to a song. The poster below has to rate it out of 10, throw in additional comments if they want, and then link to a different song. Rinse and repeat.
I'll start--

03:21 Detektivbyrån - Nattoppet
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• 8/7/2014

Welcome to the PoC Forum!

Welcome to our newest forum board and first thread! I have recently adopted this wiki and both Derptor and me will work at our fullest to bring the function of this wiki live!
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