Faithful Dawn

Faithful Dawn is an earth pony who have a white tannish coat with a blend of gray and black in her straight-styled mane with yellow eyes. She is raised by Lux Aeterna, the priest, along with many other orphans, it is unknown who and where her parents are.

She is most widely known an agile runner mare who masters parkour technique, which is often integrated with her decent martial arts skill to fend threats off her. As a runner, she transfers many sensitive information, and often is confronted by polices.

Her TAP (Transmission Audio Portable) is always implanted into her right hoof, as is most often used to communicate with her navigator, though it can also be used as a radio.


She is abnormally stubborn, she often took the dangerous, ridiculous way such as hanging on the landing skid on a floating chopper, or even jump out of a tower. This earned her a celebrity status.

Despite her hybrid status (criminal-celebrity), she is cheerful towards her friends and fans. Although cheerful, she is sometimes sarcastic and laughs at other's misfortunes / silliness. Not rare that she teases others for the fun of it, as shown when she annoys her friend and navigator.

However, behind that mask of her, she is a paranoid pony, a pony who is unable to differenciate realism and hallucination led her to abuse drugs.

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