Nova Eclipse

Nova is a 19-year-old unicorn who currently lives in Ponyville.


He was orphaned as a young foal, and lived in an orphanage until he was 19. He moved to Ponyville two days after he turned 19, and found an old and crumbling house in the forest. He currently lives in the house, despite almost never being seen inside of it. Nowadays, he can occasionally be seen walking around Ponyville, although he doesn't do very much aside from jogging around Ponyville Park and exploring the town. Not much else is known about him.


Nova is, at times, quite random, as he tends to appear out of nowhere whenever something is going on.  He is normally very upbeat and positive, and loves to hang out with his friends whenever he can. In the beginning, he was prone to overemotional outbursts, and got upset or depressed very easily. As time went on, however, he began to mature and learned how to better control his emotions.

Character RelationsEdit


  • It is unknown as to whether or not he has a family. He considers most of his friends to be his family due to his close relationships with them.


  • Seraphina Longhart - After saving her from falling to her death when she first arrived in Ponyville, Nova did his best to befriend the mildly-aloof human-turned-mare. After several adventures (and many awkward/embarrassing moments), he finally managed to make Seraphina his friend. He has not seen her in a long time, but he thinks that a certain werecat might be related to her...
  • Zoe/Suzuna Kagura - Some of Zoe's first few minutes into Ponyville were met by Nova, who tackled her to the ground in a caffeine-induced rush and very rapidly introduced her to the town and some of its residents. After a long time of searching for the rather elusive mare, rumors that Zoe had gone back to Antilia reached Nova's ears.
  • Thunder Flash - One of the first people/ponies who met Nova when he arrived in Ponyville, Thunder ended up being something of a parental figure for the young stallion. Currently, Nova still sees Thunder walking around town from time to time, and the two have maintained a friendly relationship.
  • Wishy Washy - After dating her for several months and having a somewhat rocky relationship, Wishy ended their relationship on good terms and left Ponyville in her carriage, and through the occasional letter, Nova knows that she is still roaming Equestria and seeing what the world has to offer.
  • Frosty Flames - After been long time rivals and fought over anything, they finally agreed and became buddies, promising no longer to fight. But soon disappeared possibly from existence and from the space time continuum in the Omniverse.