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This page is dedicated to the policies of Ponies of Cloudsdale Wiki. All members are expected to agree and follow these policies to ensure consistency in content and to protect existing pages. This page is subject to any major or minor changes, and is last modified by Twilight053 (talk) 09:16, August 7, 2014 (UTC).

  • Vandalism, vulgar comments and linking to irrelevant websites are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be banned and their edits removed.
  • Avoid editing other's page. While not forbidden, it is not encouraged to edit a character that does not belong to you. If your edits are being interfered persistently and you feel the content should/shouldn't be there, please consult an Administrator.
  • Many pages are protected. This may be due to proneness of vandalism or that the page contains important complex coding. If you come across these pages, you will likely need a profile page, then you will need to wait for 4 days and make 10 edits to unprotected pages. If you still cannot make an edit, it is likely the page is Administrator locked and you will need to contact an Administrator about any edits to that page.

Content PoliciesEdit

  • Any character reaches in this wiki must be associated or related to canon and fan Equestrian species. Characters that whose species does not possess any association to the Equestrian universe (such as humans) will promptly be deleted.
  • Your character must be an Original Character (OC). Ripping off an existing canon character (such as Twilight Sparkle) as an OC is not acceptable. Some cases which differs from the canon (such as Twibright or Kaylin) are acceptable.
  • Adult contents in an OC are acceptable. But they must be tagged with NSFW tag and they cannot contain pictures above PG-17, violating this policy will prompt deletion.