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This site is dedicated to all the bronies who are part of the RP clouds on We enjoy role playing as ponies of our own creation, but, each of us has a story to tell that you may not have caught when you met our ponies... that's what this site is for! Here, bronies can create pages for their ponies so that others can read their history, their relationships with other ponies, trivia about the pony and anything else the creators want to tell! Do note however that upon entering this site, you agree that you have read our terms of policy.

Administrator's Note: As of January 2015 Cloudsdale is no longer a running site, and thus this wiki will be defunct. While many people are sad (including myself), this wiki will continue to run for every roleplayer's reference and character storage, with me still actively available to talk to if you wish. Regards, Twilight053 16:30, May 4, 2015 (UTC). 

Update: It's back! As of December 2016, Cloudsdale is up and running again. All accounts, clouds, and logs were saved. Almost like a time capsule. You may join using the old link here . Derptor (talk) 00:39, December 18, 2016 (UTC)

Wait, Cloudsdale? Whats that?

Here's another link, in case you missed the first:

Cloudsdale was formed when Zeeraw decided bronies needed a place to hang out, where they wouldn't be judged and could have lots of fun! There are many clouds (chat rooms) for all sorts of things, but this wiki focuses particularly on the role play clouds.
The mods are friendly (Love you Fec!) and the ponies are playful- its a land of wonderous poni-ness.

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