Red Velvet


Red Velvet is a 6 year old pegasus filly who lives in Pony Sweet Haven, a land her ancestors founded to escape the rule of Discord. Red Velvet was born to a stallion pegasus named Red Shield, and a unicorn named Glitter Dust. When Red Velvet was still a foal, the village stallions went on their winter hunt to gather food, for Pony Sweet Haven was usually heavily affected by the snow. Red's father was one of the stallions that went, but he never came back. Glitter Dust was devastated and cared for Red Velvet all by herself.


Red Velvet is a carefree spirit. She doesn't think things through, which often puts herself and her friends in danger. She will do anything to protect her friends and loves adventures.

The Rise of the WerecatEdit

Red Velvet along with her friends, Huu, Flitterfly, Creed, and Argos went to the Everfree Forest to camp. A werecat was lurking in the woods. No one noticed the werecat until she pounced and bit Red Velvet. Red Velvet was severely injured. All of her friends fought to get her back, but their efforts seemed futile as the moon powered the Werecat to a point of invincibility. Red Velvet's friends the got the Werecat, Felidae, into some shade where the moon would not effect her. The Werecat then calmed down and Flitterfly healed Red Velvet's wound.

Sooshy Velvet

Red Velvet post-werecat bite

The ponies then befriended Felidae and Red started to look up to her. The peace was broken when Creed accused Felidae of killing his parents and was shown to have a demon sealed within him. Red was told to go home, but she hid in the bushes. She apparently didn't hide very well because she was seen by Creed who told her to finish off the demon, which she did. She then asked Felidae if she could live with her, which she agreed to after much convincing.

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