Rhythmic Beat
Some attributes
Name Rhythmic Beat
Owner Electric
Type Earth Pony
Gender Male
Age 22
Cutiemark Headphones with a Static Charge going though the center.

Rhythmic Beat is a Stallion Earth pony who has a tendency not not really be concentrating and instead he is part of the small percentage of those who just are there to chill and live their lives. And having spend a noticeable part of his life not trying.

Appearance Edit

Rhythmics appearance is of a White coat with Nearly neon green mane and tail. Average height and build. Is more nimble then seems. Eyes are a very similar green to his mane and he can often be seen at Cafes for lunch or bars on weekends.

Personality Edit

Rhythmics personality is relatively laid back and he's prefer being alone compared to being with friends as most the time for him it is just one big hassle(party's are an exception to this). Most the time he ponders why he didn't try harder in life or do a background check before he accidentally dated his fourth cousin. He normally ponders when he is doped up on booze. Which is often. He's a lightweight.

Rough Background Edit

Rhythmic was originally born in Las Pegasus and went to Ponyville for his 19th where he met Vinyl Scratch and he talked with her, and they started dating. Rhythmic sent mail to his parents telling them that he had met a mare and told them her name and a week later, he got a reply from his parents to had done a Background check on Vinyl. he broke up with her an hour after the reply. Ever since Rhythmic moved to Ponyville he has never been able to hold a contract long enough to move back to Las Pegasus. Though he has made some supporting friends. He shares an accommodation with Inferno who is seemingly slightly clingy. Otherwise Rhythmic has not much of a background. He is just a pony with a life to live.

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