Snow Heart
Some attributes
Name Snow Heart
Owner Twilight053
Type Unicorn
Gender Female
Age 17
Cutiemark Teal Pentagram
  • by Aeria Dust
  • Filly, by Wishy Washy
  • Twin, by He4rtofcourage
Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.

–Snow Heart, to Tales Afternoon

Snow Heart is a 17 years old earth unicorn who have a light azure coat with a mix of over-eye and messy in her azure mane with emerald eyes.


Snow Heart was a filly who came over from the Frozen North, where little nomad settlements reside in there, reminiscence of the eskimo descendants. Her father took her with him to travel across to Equestria for a reason yet to be explained.


Frozen NorthEdit


Shattered HeartEdit


Ice MagicEdit

Snow Heart as a unicorn of the Frozen North possesses a cutiemark of a teal pentagram, she is a veteran of all things ice magic. During the Nixophobia arc, she is shown to be capable of intensifying a snowstorm in her intense fear, but at the same time can also calm a snowstorm down at her will (if she catches herself inside the fear).

Subconscious WorldEdit

Being a unicorn, she has an extremely extended mind, to the point that there was another world inside her mind--a world of which Snow occasionally visits. It is the world with a colorless, skyless grass field which extends into infinity, beyond of what god's power can reach. It is possible to travel into her memory, as seen when Seraphina Longhart found herself in the moment where her father and Snow departs from the Frozen North to travel away, to the point that she can interact with her father.

During the arc Shattered Heart, being inside her fragile mind is very dangerous. It is possible for one's mind to die off inside her, and as a body cannot live without it's mind, it's identical to death. During her state of mind, what once was a huge blizzard is intensified into a raging snowstorm that engulfs the entire Equestria, of which Wishy Washy almost lost her life to.

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